• Jack Russell Group

    is the premier resource to develop and execute projects for new or existing programs.

  • Jack Russell Group

    provides creativity and cost effective production in 3D communications. JRG creates design solutions to fit your objectives and develop designs to fit the budget. We handle all aspects of a project: design, fabrication, installation, and operation.

  • Jack Russell Group

    controls production costs by employing a cutting edge business model. We outsource or buy direct where we can, and utilize our production facilities to detail and assemble. The savings can be 20% over our competitors. JRG charges a flat fee for its logistics, not a markup.

  • 43 West 24th Street, 9th Floor
    New York, NY, 10010
    (212) 242 9000

  • Production Facilities Located In:

    New York Metro Area, Las Vegas, & Ontario.

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